The perfect cover

Using a trusting family member as an unwitting weapon and cover

Does anyone know a just power who would stop accounting fraudsters from using our trusting sister as an unwitting weapon and cover to make money disappear? The government won't. From tearing our family apart under the guise of protecting our family and our family's assets? Do not buy their signature cover that our family is the source of the confusion and conflict that covers their accounting trails (Last known address - Jean Mary O'Connell Nader, 444 Summit Street, New Kensington, PA 15068  tel: 724 337-7537).Pattern

This is a pattern - Ignoring my Deed as Trustee covertly blocked me from selling the Trust property and forced me to pay the real esate taxes until I ran out of money. Later, not selling the covertly blocked property and not paying the real estate taxes after I ran out of money, is used to justify removing me as Trustee. This shifts control of the property from the Trustee to the source that ignored my Deed as Trustee (Chief Judge Smith's Court). A trusting family member (Jean Nader) is used as unwitting cover. The actual money trails from the "sale" of this property (To Bill Lynch, who, as a licenced real estate broker and who I discussed this property with for several years, also ignores my Deed as Trustee) will never, never, never be exposed. This is a pattern.

I had clear titles to all four of my properties in Virginia. I believe all four have been covertly taken over now.Which means I can't sell them and I have to pay the real estate taxes until I run out of money. When I can't pay the real estate taxes I lose my property to the sources that blocked my property. And no one recognizes why.

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