To expose accounting fraud it is necessary to expose the accounting. Please connect the dots and imagine the cumulative effects of:

  • The dot for the accounting trails at bk467p191 being concealed for twenty years.
  • The dot for killing the messenger who has been trying to expose bk467p191 for twenty years.
  • The dot for all the judgments made without exposing bk467p191 for twenty years..

No regulatory agency enforces the law here. My word is not going to be taken against the word of those in positions of power and prestige. So it is necessary for the reader to look at the evidence and judge for themselves. It requires a large paradigm shift and a large amount of work.

The following web sites were made over a period of time. There are repetitions and overlaps and they beg editing. The accountants's and their colaborator's dynamics are not easily recognized. They are designed to not be recognized at all.

It is human nature to automatically dismiss it as impossible that accountants and their collaborators would intentional breakup a family to divert attention from making the family's money disappear. Or that a Trustee would be removed as Trustee for trying to expose their accounting. Is is necessary to remove the secrecy, follow the trails, and then judge.