There were no conflict in our family about money, real estate, wills, or fiduciaries before the accountants.  If it were not for Jean O'Connell's memos of the instructions the accountants had given her that I found in her papers after her death, I would have continued to believe that Jean O'Connell was the problem. She died believing that I was the problem. The confusions and conflicts the accountants plant in the family cover and divert attention from the money trails.

If some power could get our innocent sister Jean Nader to feel safe enough to disclose who is instructing her and what those instructions are, it would provide a treasure of information. So far our family has been assumed to be the guilty party and the accountants have not been required to expose their accounting.

H. A. O'Connell, father, died May 26, 1975.  Jean M. O'Connell, mother, died September 15, 1991. Sheila O'Connell, daughter, died Octoner 24, 2014.  Jean Nader, daughter, and Anthony O'Connell, son, survive.

Mother, Jean Miner O'Connell
Father, Harold Anthony O'Connell

From left to right -
Jean Mary O'Connell, daughter
Sheila Ann O'Connell, daughter
Anthony Miner O'Connell, son
Harold Anthony O'Connell, Father

Anthony M. O'Connell, Trustee; BA University of Virginia, MBA University of Massachusetts, MA State University of New York. I've been set-up, framed, and vilified for thirty-one (31) years for trying to protect our family. Starting with a CPA - Attorney team in 1985. I recognize the patterns. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who believe I'm a really bad person. This is cover. The accounting remains concealed.

Entities in Arizona I've never known before will set me up. It's feels like the FBI has put out an all points bulletin to disempower me. I know the FBI would not do this.

Our Dad was an Attorney for HUD (now HEW). Our Mom was a charter member of the Springfield Acres Garden Club and a nationally recognized landscape designer who did the landscape designs, without compensation, for:

• The Franconia Olivet Episcopal Church
• The Springfield Richard Byrd Library
• The Commonwealth Hospital in Fairfax
• The Louise Archer Elementry School
• Grandview Farmhouse and mini-pavilion, a National Trust for Hisoric Preservation property at Woodlawn
• A memorial garden in the National Arboretum
• The Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute
• The Woodbridge Methodist Church
• The 18th century Magruder House of the Prince George Historical Society
• The Wolf Trap Elementry School
• The Pope-Leighey House by Frank Lloyd Wright
• The Fair Oaks Hospital
• The Clifton Episcopal Church
• The Oakton Elementry School
• The 4-H Club Headquarters near Front Royal
• The railroad of the abandon W & O Railroad in Vienna
• The Springfield Junior Chamber of Commerce - commercial area plantings.
• The Knoll Garden, Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads, in Fall Church

This work is dedicated to Jean M. O'Connell, E. A. Prichard, Robert McCandlish, and Judge Thomas S. Kenny.

A wall of silence is killing our family. We're done unless a just power cuts through the secrecy and stops are sister from being used. (Last known address - Jean OConnell Nader, 444 Summit Street, New Kensenton, Pennsylvania 15068 724 337-7537) The public should know how the fraudsters work.